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   INNOVA East Order Information

Q. What are my options for placing an order?

A. You may place an order using a variety of methods.

1. Pick up the phone and give us a call.  1-800-476-3968. If you have any questions, this is the best way to get them answered while placing your order. Our experts can take care of the whole process with you.  If your order is large, or you know exactly what you need, you might consider another method listed below.

2. Download our New Excel Order Form. You can use Excel or any other spreadsheet program for this form. This is a very effective way to get your order together and this form can be printed and faxed, or emailed for quicker processing

Excel Stock at a Glance and Order Form - Print/Fax/Email

2. Download our PDF order form.
These forms can simply be printed, filled in, and faxed to us.

PDF Stock at a Glance and Order Form - Print/Fax

All Email orders should be sent to

All faxed orders should be sent to 803-329-3472

Q. Can I fax or email an order that is not on any of these forms?

A. Yes, however this will likely cause your ordered to be delayed slightly.

Orders that are not on our forms require some consolidation and preparation due to the inconsistancy of the formats from varying sources. This does add some extra time to the process and will likely place a delay on the shipment of the order.

Q. My company generates orders from our system, how does that affect the order time.

A. In most cases if an order is generated from your systems and faxed or emailed, it will not delay the order.

System generated orders with good legibility and product groupings can usually be handled just as quickly as orders received on our forms.


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West Coast Sales
900 South Dupont Avenue
Ontario, CA 91761
P: 800-408-8449
F: 909-481-6263
East Coast Sales
2850 Commerce Drive
Rock Hill, SC 29730
P: 800-476-3968
F: 803-329-3472